I am very pleased to announce that my first short story sale to a major publication is now up at Beneath Ceaseless Skies. “The Scorn of the Peregrinator” is a secondary-world fantasy tale and I’m thrilled to see it released for everyone to read. The last paragraph is one of my favorite bits in any story I’ve written so far. So do go read it, comment, and share it widely if you like it.

You will note that the byline is a bit different. A few weeks ago I discovered that someone bearing the same name as I was publishing fiction in the realms of fantastika, to the point where a few people had confused us. After discussions with a fellow writer I decided a change was in order. I did not want to change my entire name, but soon we settled on a sufficient modification: John E. O. Stevens. I had attended Darkover this past weekend as John “Erudite Ogre” Stevens, and I liked the idea of two initials. In the next few weeks I will be setting up a new website under the domain johneostevens.com. Once it is up and running I will move everything here to there and enter a new phase of my writing career.

I love this moment, where something I have written is out in the world and being read. I had trouble sleeping last night because I was so excited about the publication. Today I was happy to see congratulations and comments about the story. This is an auspicious event for me, and I feel energized by it.

I hope you enjoy the story, and whether you do or not, please let me know what you think!