My days post-Readercon have been a blur as I wrote the first draft of a novella (“No Fealty But to the Wind and Sky”) for the Clarion Writeathon. It came in shorter than I had anticipated, at about 19,000 words, but that was the length that worked. It needs a lot of care, but the basics are there, and I like it. It has been set aside for a little while to ripen.

My first short story sale to a professional market is now complete. “The Scorn of the Peregrinator” has found a home at Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and I am very pleased that it will appear there. I am struggling with the ending of a new story (currently untitled), and hope to get that one workshopped and sent out soon. It is both taxing and enormously gratifying to be writing fiction semi-regularly. I am still splitting my writing time between this and the slowly expanding draft of Terra Ficta.
I plan to post a few bits of that work as I form it.

My recent columns at SF Signal have been focused on the use of monarchies in secondary-world fantasy and the way that some ideas overpower our fictions. I am now very interested in writing something long about kingship in fantasy but for now I am writing columns and building a bibliography, which I have had some requests to post when it is done. Look for that here in the near future.

Now back to writing the next column.