I’m seeing a lot of new people checking the blog (welcome!) and since I am still rather ill and not up for much writing, I thought I would link to what I think are the best pieces I wrote last year. . . well, save one, for reasons which I shall reveal soon. Hopefully this will be a good primer for new visitors who want to know what my whole thing is. Of course I urge you to go read my SF Signal column archive, and hunt down my assorted reviews, but these suggestions should make for a good introduction.

1) REVIEW: The Thackery T. Lambshead Cabinet of Curiosities by Ann Vandermeer and Jeff Vandermeer:” I foolishly left this out of my “sort-of Best list” column, which is too bad, because it is a distinctive, hugely enjoyable and strangely thought-provoking anthology.

2)On ‘Mind-Blowing’ Fiction:” A guest post at Aidan Moher’s A Dribble of Ink, this was a lot of fun to write, and also served as a useful precursor to writing about “weird” fiction.

3) The Improbable, Inevitable Domestication of the Great Old Ones: HP Lovecraft’s Iconic Influence on 21st-Century Fantastic Literature and Culture:” My first sale, which makes me rather fond of it. Also fascinating to write, and containing a few ideas that I would like examne at greater length in the future.

4) Championing the Difficult and the Poetic in Fantastika:” It wasn’t easy to choose just one from the column, but I find myself coming back to this one frequently to remind me of various thoughts, and it nicely articulates some ideas that I find useful and evocative for exploring fantastic literature.

5) The End of Truth is the Beginning of Understanding: A Tardy Review of Embassytown:” Writing this review belatedly turned out to be a good thing, because I ended up re-reading the book and finding my thoughts cohering more sharply.

Time for more tea now, methinks.