I have been quite ill the past few days, and writing (and work, and walking) have been cast aside while I lie in bed and moan and watch movies and sleep. But, I did want to note a few things:

1) My new column is up at SF Signal. Thankfully, the illness did not take hold until the morning after I finished it. It is very germinal in its theme, and I think constitutes the kernel of a chapter for a book. If I am still awake after working today (argh) I will try to write more about it.

2) SF Signal also put up the Table of Contents for the forthcoming Datlow/Windling collection After, which looks like it has a great host of writers spinning tales about two of my obsessions (which are really different things. That is also on the list of chapters for a book). That makes two collections within a year or so on the same general topic, not to mention the hordes of books (good and bad) about the subject. I find this hunger for these stories fascinating and a bit worrying, although for reasons that may not be obvious.

3) Warren Ellis just gave a very enlightening interview about Moon Base Fantasies. Go read it.