The year has started off rather nicely for me. I got two bits of lovely writing news in the aethermail today which bode well for my projects this year. I can’t be more specific but I am already well in position to publish more in 2012. This coming week The Bellowing Ogre returns to the newly-revamped SF Signal for another weekly exercise in masochism, er, I mean writerly intensity. While watching my daughter bounce herself into a stupor at the kids’ play venue at the mall today I chatted with one of my writer’s group companions and got a few good thoughts for working on the novel. Writing about apocalypse yesterday was very stimulating as well. Given my vow to double my output this year I think I am starting off on the right foot.

I am also looking forward to doing a lot of reading in 2012.  I just started Rudy Rucker’s Nested Scrolls and I am looking forward to delving more deeply into it. I’ve been led by that to his online magazine FLURB and I will be exploring that in the near future too. And the flow of books my way has not abated:

I already have a nice copy of The Master and Margarita, but the cat with the gun begged to be taken home. After the Rucker I might need to start the Dick book and Jemisin, just for the sensation of narrative friction that will result.

I realized after publishing the apocalypse post last night that there are tensions within my own idea about it that I need to unpack, and this gives me ideas for a longer piece about the idea of apocalypse, especially as it arises in fantastika. The stricter religious meanings are tangled up with the literary and cultural allusions and assumptions that orbit around it and try to colonize it. Interrogating the word itself is almost like writing an SF novel. . . .

Despite my suspicion of calendars, I am looking forward to 2012.