Without prelude, here are my recent acquisitions/gifts/foundlings:

A nice mix of stuff.

I only sold a half-dozen books from my brief book sale, but the rest will now go to scattered places, along with some others I have culled since then. I am close to being rid of all of the graduate school books that I no longer need, and I am tightening up my ficiton collection. I already see a subtle change in the main room!

Earlier today Carrie Cuinn posted her to-read pile, and we’ve briefly discussed reviewing a book simultaneously, which I am looking forward to! That book will be The Book of Cthulhu.  I thought it would be amusing to put up my own TBR pile, so here it is:

The Wood and Basso I am mostly through. For The New Weird and Kiernan’s collection I just need to finish a few stories from each. I have read a couple of the articles in the Parrinder and Nichols collections. Glancing up at my desktop bookshelf I see a few other books that should be here, such as Alberto Manguel’s A Reader on Reading and Vincent Crapanzano’s Imaginative Horizons. Also, Genevieve Valentine’s Mechanique should be here but it is missing at the moment. I am hoping to find it again because I want to read it before year’s end. And this photo does not include several e-books that I am finishing, which are:

  • The Weird (Jeff and Ann VandermMeer)
  • Odd? (same again)
  • Osama (by Lavid Tidhar, which I am re-reading to write my overdue review)
  • an issue of Jim Kelly’s Strangeways.

So much to read, and so little time. . . .

Speaking of reading and The Weird, my latest SF Signal column discusses a few stories from that collection. It is bursting with fell terrors and unnerving moments, and it takes time to assimilate the stories. But so worth it! Damien Walter wrote an amusing piece about this book today, which I enjoyed. I can’t wait to read his take on the book. . . .