So the article is turned in. I’m already wondering if its what they wanted. We’ll see, I guess. I could have added two more sections but I was starting to get a little theoretical and technical. I think I stopped the article in a good place.

I do love living with fiction. This piece was a great opportunity to sit and ponder someone else’s work and see how it’s put together and what it produces. It also felt wonderful to spent most of the day writing and revising. I got about 500 words down for Nanowrimo but now I need to work on my column. Hopefully I can get back to more fiction tonight.

I also hope to do some writing for the latest endeavor of the Unstoppable VanderMeers: Weird Fiction Review is a new website devoted to, well, weird fiction. It coincides with the launch of their new anthology The Weird (which I have just started reading!) and it promises to both increase attention for and extend the conversation about weird fiction. I like the idea of a site focusing on reviews, short essays, interviews, and oddities. Check out their short interview with Neil Gaiman.