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I was quite saddened to see that it has been over three weeks since I wrote a post here. I will say 50 “dohs!” in contrition before bedtime tonight. And it’s not as if I have nothing to talk about; for example:

At my SF Signal column I’ve been writing about the Hugo Awards, in more depth than I had originally planned. I’ve gotten a lot of response to the columns, some positive, some critical, but all good to think with. This week I will write the third and final installment on the topic, and then figure out if I have more to say and if it’s worth putting together and reworking for publication in some other form or forum. The process of writing these columns has been very educational for me and has allowed me to take some of my graduate degree training and use it. I would like to do more with it in the future.

Today the latest issue of Apex Magazine is out, and it contains an essay by me on the cultural influence of H. P. Lovecraft. This is my first formal publication in a long time and I am both thrilled and nervous about it. I am quite curious to see what response, if any, it gets from readers. It was difficult to write because of the broadness of the topic, and there are a lot of materials and perspectives out there that I could only touch on. This is another subject that I would like to return to later and write more about.

Now I am catching up on reviews and working on a piece for another magazine due out later this fall. I have two book ideas I am sketching out (as opposed to writing ideas, of which I have dozens) and working on fiction too. It seems that after a couple of years of flailing about my writing is starting to come together, and I am becoming a better writer not just in terms of my ability to string words together, but in terms of discipline and production. I am still not where I want to be, but with each piece of writing I think that I am getting closer to it. There is not much that makes me happier than that right now.