The past few weeks have been rich in books for me. Readercon flattened my already thin wallet, I went to two library sales (hard to argue with .25 books!) and the flow of used titles into our store continues unabated, and I am finding some amazing titles on the dollar cart and the in the reject piles. It is a little disconcerting, but is part of the circulatory system of books. That system is suffering from a form of hypertension at the moment, and my book hauls reflect that.

Here is what I picked up during my Readercon trip:

Yes, the whiskey and the skull glass too. Also note the cool Mechanique bookmark/ticket. This pile includes several books acquired at a local library book sale and a few freebies from the table outside the main meeting rooms. I dropped a large bag of pocket paperbacks there myself, and was pleased to see them disappear quickly.

These are some gleanings from the flow of books coming into the store. There were a few others that made it into a pile for trading to Amazon (which is how I buy books for myself and toys for the kidlet).  The volume has decreased somewhat since the end of classes at the local colleges, but is still hefty, and we are being more and more discerning in what we buy, much to the chagrin of many sellers.

I am going to be taking the last of my book collection out of storage to do another purge, partly of academic titles, partly of assorted books that are far down on my TBR list. One I get that all sorted I will put up the ones worth selling on half.com or maybe Ebay. Having been here in the hermitage for a year now, it is time to unload all of the stuff that I no longer use, such as a rather large gaming collection (miniatures and D&D books). The more that I write, the more I realize that the fulfillment I find in that is more deeply satisfying than games and other diversions. Having a lot of things I no longer use becomes a psychological burden as well as an inconvenience. Moving forward becomes easier as I trim my stuff down to a moveable, manageable lot.