Welcome to my new blog! It was time to move from Blogger to something both easier to use and with more options. This basic set-up is temporary; I will be making changes and adding some material to the site over the next several days.  I am also shifting my usage of it, talking more about writing and reading with more focus on criticism and pleasure. I will also put up some work in progress on occasion.

I just returned from Readercon 22 last night. It was, for me personally, the best one yet (I think I have attended six over the years), partly due to the great program, partly due to the fact that I met more people and made a few more connections. I tweeted several of the panels and took notes on many of them, and I learned a lot, sometimes in tension with what was being discussed, but still. . . .  I will definitely be writing and talking more about the con over the next few weeks, but for now, here are a few other folks’ responses to the con and some highlights:

—Jamie Todd Rubin on “Ten Things I Learned at Readercon 22

—Boston Bibliophile has a Readercon 22 Wrapup

—Steve Umstead on his Readercon 22 experience

—And video of the panel on The Jewel-Hinged Jaw:

I’ m writing my next column for SF Signal on a point of discussion that seemed to echo across a few of the panels, and as I rode home on the 11-hour bus ride yesterday I re-read parts of Delany’s The Jewel-Hinged Jaw and thought a lot about writing, representation, ethical aesthetics, uncertainty, the dynamics of reader engagement, and wonder. I always have a substantial intellectual and creative buzz on for a few weeks after the con, and this year I am going to translate as much of that into writing as possible. I am still plugging away at the Clarion Write-a-Thon, and got a bit behind because of Readercon but I will be catching up as soon as the next column is done. And I am also sketching out a few new projects that I hope will bear fruit.

Much writing to do. Off to do it!