Battle The Sea (Alex Livingston) versus The Sky (John E. O. Stevens)

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The Sea

by Alex Livingston

Coral mesas pierce the ocean horizon in this place, reaching like cold fingers toward a sky empty of color. I tell you this because I remember it, not because I see it now. All I can see at this moment is the walls of the hold, the seams in the metal damp and rusting. The crew should have been taking better care of this room. Instead they were planning a mutiny.

They want me to turn control of the ship over Jannse, my pilot. The handsome one, with no business sense whatsoever.

We’re a twelve-man fast packet out of Port Lebana. Independent. We buy furs from the cloning fields outside of the port and sell them at various points along the frost-scarred Haden Coast. It’s a good run, and what we lack in cargo space we make up for in speed. While the common folk…

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