A Brief Explanation, and A $5 Book Sale!

Hello friends. Yes, it has been over a year since I have writ ‘pon Ye Olde Blogge. The reasons boil down to pain and recovery; I spent nearly a year in severe pain with restricted movement, and in mid-July I had a hip replacement and have been recovering from that for the last few months. I am now pain-free and mobile. These are good things but I am still recuperating and going through a period of adjustment.

One side-effect of all this is that I was out of work for 2.5 months, and am currently only working part-time. As a result, while I have plenty of time to read and write, I have little income. I ran a GoFundMe campaign that got me through the early part of the recovery, but those funds are exhausted. I am looking for more work and also selling books. I have some auctions on Ebay and half.com under my username toirnech, but I also have a substantial number of other books that, while they have some value, aren’t so expensive. So, I have decided to start a book sale of sorts here for them.

The pictures below show what I currently have for sale. Each book is $5, or five for $20. Shipping is $3 for the first book + $1 for each additional book that you buy. All of them are in very good condition, contain no writing, and are firmly bound. None of them are ex-library. If you see something you like get ahold of me on Twitter or Facebook.

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